Ikea has done it again! They just came out with a new collection “Svartan” which is a co-lab with the Swedish designer Martin Bergström. He is inspired by the indian culture, which is really colorful yet faded, and decided to make a collection only in black, white and grey colors. I love it and the fact that it is so cool and affordable for anyone is even better.



Designer: Martin Bergström


Who not………….

Apartment living could be cool if this was the place: A loft in NYC’s Greenwich Village redone by RAAD Studio, a design practice situated in New York. They have done some pretty amazing things and I was blown away scrolling through. They work with the fine lines, raw material and nature, which you know by now I am a huge fan of! What´s not to love about it, check them out……..

Raad studio Raad studio Raad studio Raad studio Raad studio Raad studio


More greenery for my friends……………

To help you warmer friends down south to get in the summer spirit I have found some more inspirational pics to help you get started, with a little help from Marcel Wolterinck.

tuin zeist 025_a tuin zeist 003_a tuin zeist 019_a amerongen 015_a amerongen 014_a amerongen 019_a tuin zeist 017_a amerongen 021_a amerongen 024_a

No excuse, get out there and start your green mind. Go visit Marcel Wolterinck page and see what wonders he and his team are up to, you will not be disappointed!



To the man who has it all………………..

Today I was enriched with three totally new (to me) web stores that just hit my mood of shopping today. All 3 shops have great items for the home but actually most important they have really really cool gift ideas for the man you never know what to get, either cause he has it all or because he never can give you a straight answer what he wishes for x-mas, birthdays etc. Well I got inspired and just want to say: “from me to you………….” The Curiousity Shoppe The Curiousity Shoppe The Curiousity Shoppe The Curiousity Shoppe The Curiousity Shoppe Toast The Curiousity Shoppe The Curiousity Shoppe The Curiousity Shoppe


Go check them out they have so many cool and different items on their lists, happy shopping

Sources: Toast  l  l  The Curiousity Shoppe


X-mas and co……………

More stuff for you guys if, you like me, get overwhelmed and have a tendency to go overboard in december decor. The company Walther & co launched their december catalogue and I love these photos which inspire me and can be helpful to keep the fine line…………..Happy decorating

W 2 pict4 pict6 pict9 W 3 W 6 pict12 pict11 W 4 W 5


Inspired yet? Walther & Co


Still preparing…………….

Remember one of my old time favorite brands OiSoioi? Well during my attempt (all day) trying to get through my to do list I kept coming back to the computer……..and I have figured out why, I want to and need to start decorating actually I found out that I am 4 days late! I usually get hit by the x-mas spirit around end November and hold my horses until the 1. of December. I love x-mas and pulling out my boxes (yep have a lot of them by now) with decor for this time a year is soooooo joyful. I put out everything and then some and by mid December I feel like throwing up! I get sick of the clutter of branches, stars, lights, bones, deer and what ever has found its way into my house for the holidays! I know, maybe it is not normal but that is me and I can promise you that by the 26th of December everything has bee taken down and the tree is out the window (literally speaking) x-mas is over……………..Don´t get me wrong I love Christmas just not all the clutter that I every year get smitten by cause I love it but maybe just in small doses…………..Anyway I got really inspired by my fav. brands catalog  for christmas


Like it? Check out their web shop OiSoioi and purchase your decor or just get inspired………..


Cool stuff…………

In a loft in New York this amazing lady Dana Barnes makes her wonderful rugs. Every rug is hand crafted and is made from un spun merino wool. After having done the actual rug it is put in the washing machine for some time to agitate. Beautiful work from an amazing woman……………….

Want to see more visit: Dana Barnes

Source: New York times


Miniature architecture………….

I had to look twice to make sure that this was a play doll house! It is so cool and I am glad that finally someone can make fab stuff for the kids to play with that I, as a parent, actually like looking at and don´t mind having in the living room………The company Miniio find inspiration in the best grown-ups design, materials and solutions and transform that into a minor scale just big enough to fit all 30cm fashion doll. Every piece is handmade!! I think it is fantastic and this is defiantly one x-mas gift to be put under the tree………..

Check the web page of the company to see sooooo much more! You can even purchase wall paper and decorate it to your taste.



Nature declared love……..

This summer house is built with pure love for the nature and soil it has been put on. All natural choice of material and nature view from anywhere inside. It was designed by the owner himself as his family retreat oasis, situated in Denmark…………Well done

Photographer: Tim Bjørn



It is not a goldfish……………

OK sleeping beauty, time to wake up and smell the roses………….Gubi was established in 1967. Their key philosophy is to produce beautiful quality, contemporary, functional designs that are long-lasting, well-made, and timeless, whilst also appealing to the global market. The company is a danish family owned business founded by Gubi and Lisbeth Olsen and today run by the sons. Every piece of furniture has a story and I am a big fan of story telling when it comes to my line of work. I love GUBI and their way of displaying themselves and their products, when going through their history and philosophy I just love them even more. I know that my next purchase is going to be a Grasshopper floor lamp, the Adnet mirror (soooooo cooool!) and my absolute favorite chair at the moment the A3 Stool…Check out their web site and indulge yourself in great story telling and images

Company: GUBI