Still preparing…………….

Remember one of my old time favorite brands OiSoioi? Well during my attempt (all day) trying to get through my to do list I kept coming back to the computer……..and I have figured out why, I want to and need to start decorating actually I found out that I am 4 days late! I usually get hit by the x-mas spirit around end November and hold my horses until the 1. of December. I love x-mas and pulling out my boxes (yep have a lot of them by now) with decor for this time a year is soooooo joyful. I put out everything and then some and by mid December I feel like throwing up! I get sick of the clutter of branches, stars, lights, bones, deer and what ever has found its way into my house for the holidays! I know, maybe it is not normal but that is me and I can promise you that by the 26th of December everything has bee taken down and the tree is out the window (literally speaking) x-mas is over……………..Don´t get me wrong I love Christmas just not all the clutter that I every year get smitten by cause I love it but maybe just in small doses…………..Anyway I got really inspired by my fav. brands catalog  for christmas


Like it? Check out their web shop OiSoioi and purchase your decor or just get inspired………..



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