The boat house…………….

Boat houses were and still are used to store boats and fishing gear in Norway, but today they are more common for recreational summer use. This old boat house was in really bad shape and ready to get pulled down. The architect firm TYIN tegnestue designed this fantastic new boat house reusing a lot of the old material in different shapes and places. It is clean and simple and only the necessary things are here for a relaxing and recreational holiday, weekend or day of……………….Cool stuff!

541219_480037615361384_1181728803_n 557649_480037505361395_307982367_n 76651_480037465361399_1704172647_n 189193_480037385361407_1933824907_n 58814_480037735361372_989094846_n 550531_480037642028048_1572681942_n 554242_480037575361388_986543837_n 374085_480037345361411_1971389092_n 400256_480037542028058_619858792_n 576486_480037848694694_1909002597_n


I really love the work of the photographer  Pasi Aalto who has been posted here on my blog before. He captures the feeling and atmosphere so well in his work.



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