Still preparing…………….

Remember one of my old time favorite brands OiSoioi? Well during my attempt (all day) trying to get through my to do list I kept coming back to the computer……..and I have figured out why, I want to and need to start decorating actually I found out that I am 4 days late! I usually get hit by the x-mas spirit around end November and hold my horses until the 1. of December. I love x-mas and pulling out my boxes (yep have a lot of them by now) with decor for this time a year is soooooo joyful. I put out everything and then some and by mid December I feel like throwing up! I get sick of the clutter of branches, stars, lights, bones, deer and what ever has found its way into my house for the holidays! I know, maybe it is not normal but that is me and I can promise you that by the 26th of December everything has bee taken down and the tree is out the window (literally speaking) x-mas is over……………..Don´t get me wrong I love Christmas just not all the clutter that I every year get smitten by cause I love it but maybe just in small doses…………..Anyway I got really inspired by my fav. brands catalog  for christmas


Like it? Check out their web shop OiSoioi and purchase your decor or just get inspired………..



Today I feel like shopping………….

I always get a craving for shopping interior stuff when the seasons change and love to do it at home in my couch, or at least being able to check the market out before I go and visit the shops…………so I picked out some items (or a lot) from some of my favorite web shops and hereby present them to you……….but make sure you are comfortable and have what ever you need within reach…….The theme for this must be Northern light.

You can visit the shops below or just google the brand name to get a store near you anywhere in the world:,,,

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If you have questions just ask!


“goodness gracious me!”

Oi Soi Oi is Vietnamese for “goodness gracious me!” I must say that the danish duo behind Oi Soi Oi have done it again, LOVE LOVE LOVE. These photos make me want to live in Vietnam and just be surrounded with these fantastic handcrafted items. Lucky for me though I can purchase all this fabulosity in my own living room, on my couch with my cup of tea and blanket just pressing the buttons on my lap top………..