Am I a camper?

Until I saw what a camping site also can be at this absolutely gorgeous designed camping place  near San Fransisco, not ten wild horses could drag me to a camping site. Yes I am perhaps a bit of a luxury girl when it comes to accommodation, facilities in bath and toilet etc when on a holiday, but I love being in the nature, having a camp fire and having a barbeque, just not living in it. Until now! I would absolute love to go and experience this fantastic site and believe I could actually enjoy the life of a camper. is the name and is situated north of San Fransisco. The complex includes 24 luxury Airstream trailers, 10 fully equipped luxury tents, and a communal lounge pavilion that takes its design cues from mid-century modern architecture. Dan Weber architects designed the lounge pavillion while Lauren Geremia is responsible for all interior design. I totally love it and must go, what do you think…


Photography: Melanie Riccardi

Source : designboom



Holiday away..

I was trying to plan a family trip and was searching the web for “places to go”. I came across this fantastic apartment in Mallorca and absolutely fell in love! It is rustic, genuine, authentic and just has the right vibe. Anyway, as I was scrolling through the lovely photos it became totally obvious that this home belongs to one of my favorite interior design brands Tine K and her husband… WHAT! And now here is the opportunity to rent their apartment, what´s not to like. Even the pricing for a week is to overcome for a family of 5….flight tickets cheap with Norwegian Airlines so offcourse this is where my next vacay is going. Have a look and hopefully you will enjoy it as much as I did.


Source: Tine K Home


I have a thing for the Marrakech living, not that I at all practice the look full on in my work or in my own home, but I like to mix the foreign mystery with the modern northern lifestyle. I believe it gives some warmth to the interior spaces and a more personal and individual look to any indoor or outdoor living area. Anyway the fascination of the Riad is endless. I have found some goodies from around the world that I would love to visit. What do you think…


Source: Casbah Cove

Address: Palm Desert, California, United States
Photography: Gibeon Photography



Source: Le Riad Yasmine Marrakechtumblr_mp4kuqIkFq1s1mchho1_500.jpg

Source: Riad Kaiss Courtyard


Source: Riad Jaaneman – Marrakech, Morocco

Rustic in the french Alps……………….

Oh my god! When I first saw this It looked like some old forgotten barn, but looking closer this is so cool and thought through that I want to live here! Well during Christmas break anyway…….. I love the work that interior designer Lionel Jadot has done here. The mix of the old meets new meeting vintage is unreal. The fireplace invites you to sit down and enjoy your vin chaud while the kids are playing around in this huge living area/family room. The kitchen is so unexpected, fun but cool that I really got inspired. So lets sit back and enjoy the peace and quit in this joint……ps can see all my new x-mas decor hanging here………….

Source: Nuevo Estilo

Interior designer:

Photoghrapher: Frederic Ducout


Want to, need to, gotta goooo…………

Well I did it again, every time I try to put positive thoughts in my mind and force the belief that winter, snow, rain, cold and darkness is fantastic my little devil self sitting on my left shoulder makes me search for the sun! So here it is and I can´t help it, but this is soooooo much better and I truely and utterly have  to and need to go visit this place. Hammock here I come……………..

Photographer: Lambs and Lions

Wanna come? Book it here: Design Hotels

The guys behind it all: Thomas Heyne and Mario Hertel


The magic hotel………

Speaking about traveling, this is a hotel (for real!) situated in Chile. Coming around this time of the year it must actually feel like living inside a x-mas tree………The hotel is built inside a man-made volcano that erupts water from the top which flows down the sides. Covered in moss and vines, wooden winding hallways wrap up the organic-looking structure. By the look of the pictures it is defiantly worth a visit and probably one vacation that will keep a smile on your face

The Hotel La Montaña Mágica



This place is somewhere I already long to come back to. If you ever need (like I needed) a break from your everyday hectic life this is the place to go Tisvildeleje Strandhotel, that is if you are nearby Tisvildeleje in Denmark. They have an amazing restaurant, offer massage and yoga classes, fantastic walks on the beach, experience nature like you have never seen before. This time of the year the danish beaches and waters are transformed into a wonderful palette of nordic colorings at its best, the woods are mysterious and the winds are strong but feels soooooo fantastic when you feel your cheeks freeze up………. After a lovely day of walking, exploring or just relaxing you end up in front of the fireplace with a hot cup of tea, a nice meal and a good nights sleep as you have not experienced since you were a child………..GO SEE….and ENJOY


Colorado dreaming…….

The architects Oppenheim Architecture + Design made this exclusive enclave of Red Mountain in Aspen Colorado. The idyllic surroundings of the mountains, the forests and the streams make this house seem as in one with nature. The architect firm really understood how to effortlessly merge this house into the untouched nature…….I want to go skiing NOW!

Architects: Oppenheim Architecture + Design

Photographs: Laziz Hamani