My heart just missed a beat!!!

The other day I did it……I surrendered my gadget heart to surround, sound, beat and celebrate music to a whole new level! The coolest thing ever though is that it speaks directly to my design eye while playing my tunes to the absolute maximum pleasure. My new best friend is called Lounge from Libratone……..and I love love love it.

It was like x-mas eve opening the box, unwrapping the paper, freeing my friend from the fine cotton bag it was carefully put in (yes it felt like opening the fine bag of a new pair of Manola B.) placing it on the shelf…….and here comes the best part: I plugged one (yes one) wire into the wall, opened my itunes playlist on my  iphone, connected to the wifi, pressed play and music to my ears!…. even my 5 year old could have done that! My interior design nerd loves the fact that no one can see it is a stereo or speaker, I can place it where ever I want and control the sound, loudness and playlist from any room using my iPad, iphone or laptop soooooooo cool! Bye bye wires…………Hello Libratone.

Yesterday the company launched a new baby to the family called Zipp. It is battery driven and portable. PlayDirect™ allows for wireless playback anywhere – even without a WiFi network!!  This will have to be my next purchase, think about it………ultimate sound on the boat, the garden, the summer house yes anywhere you go no strings attached.

I am now the happy owner of a liberating sound system…….bye bye old stereo, ugly 2 speakers and annoying wires…..Sound of music just had a new meaning and dimention to it and totally affordable, see for yourself:-)