Kids only……………

Lately I have been working in the kids world and offcourse I want to share these nice images to help you get some cool inspiration for the kids room. Spring is just around the corner and this means release from all the design companies with their new spring/summer 2013 collections. I know it can be a jungle to sort out what to get, which look to go for, colors, wallpaper etc………So here is my moodboard for pre spring in the name of children….

First showing is from one of my favorite: Ferm Living

Ferm Living Ferm Living Ferm Living Ferm Living Ferm Living

Second I found these inspirational images from a cool blog: with Photo credits to: Photo credits: Riikka Kantinkoski

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These images are from the cool website: website 

They make these cool rustic toys that I am a huge fan of



usual usual usual Usual



Love at first sight……..

This is the cutest thing EVER!!! I feel so relieved that this handmade “thing” yes it is not a doll nor an animal just the cutest cuttle thing called Pigmée is now in stores on the web. My credit card is hot cause I can´t decide and now see myself buying the whole family……..Pigmée is handmade in the finest cotton, it has no front nor back and leaves your child to its own imagination. Off course this fab little friend is french which only makes it even more “need to have” item for my kids. They have expanded their collection into doing lamps, curtains, bedlinen, cushions etc, but having to choose (only cause I have an emsi banker) I will start with the “thing”……………..can´t decide though on which size nor color…….which one do you prefer?

Photographer: baptiste heller



It´s kids time!
Yep!! You can open a lot of mags and get inspired of how to do and where to buy but you can actually do sooooo much yourself and save heaps! Make it a mission to keep a very low budget on this project and it not only will be a very personal room but also soooo satisfying!

Go to garage sales, outlets or even the cheaper big chains and get good bargains that you can restore or redo. (see this is where your mood board comes in handy 🙂 Buy paint, new fabric etc and away you go into the imaginary world of redecorating your kids room, nursery etc. GO GET IT 🙂

(shared items from: coloramaboligdrø,, All items are spotted at fermliving, oliverfurniture, ball lamps, christian lacroix, housedoctor, zebra, rice.
My favorite kids store at the moment is in Denmark they have shop and a webshop. Check it out