Am I a camper?

Until I saw what a camping site also can be at this absolutely gorgeous designed camping place  near San Fransisco, not ten wild horses could drag me to a camping site. Yes I am perhaps a bit of a luxury girl when it comes to accommodation, facilities in bath and toilet etc when on a holiday, but I love being in the nature, having a camp fire and having a barbeque, just not living in it. Until now! I would absolute love to go and experience this fantastic site and believe I could actually enjoy the life of a camper. is the name and is situated north of San Fransisco. The complex includes 24 luxury Airstream trailers, 10 fully equipped luxury tents, and a communal lounge pavilion that takes its design cues from mid-century modern architecture. Dan Weber architects designed the lounge pavillion while Lauren Geremia is responsible for all interior design. I totally love it and must go, what do you think…


Photography: Melanie Riccardi

Source : designboom



Holiday away..

I was trying to plan a family trip and was searching the web for “places to go”. I came across this fantastic apartment in Mallorca and absolutely fell in love! It is rustic, genuine, authentic and just has the right vibe. Anyway, as I was scrolling through the lovely photos it became totally obvious that this home belongs to one of my favorite interior design brands Tine K and her husband… WHAT! And now here is the opportunity to rent their apartment, what´s not to like. Even the pricing for a week is to overcome for a family of 5….flight tickets cheap with Norwegian Airlines so offcourse this is where my next vacay is going. Have a look and hopefully you will enjoy it as much as I did.


Source: Tine K Home


Ikea has done it again! They just came out with a new collection “Svartan” which is a co-lab with the Swedish designer Martin Bergström. He is inspired by the indian culture, which is really colorful yet faded, and decided to make a collection only in black, white and grey colors. I love it and the fact that it is so cool and affordable for anyone is even better.



Designer: Martin Bergström


In this spectacular new museum you get it all. It is worth a visit and then some. The famous and genius architects BIG Group transformed an old dry dock into a spectacular museum. The museum has existed for 98 years and was located on the Castle Kronborg in Elsinore, Denmark. On October 5th it was reborn in every aspect. Not only has the Maritime Museum of Denmark moved to this new fantastic location, but the actual story they tell in the exhibition is exciting. They display the items in an interesting way, you are allowed to touch and feel and see. Many games are situated around the Museum and you can even tattoo yourself with authentic tattoos from old times. Even kids love this place!

New York Times just rated the Museum as a must see place in the world, and they just won the Archdaily award: “Building of the year”

Go and visit if you ever go to Denmark, you will not be disapointed!

images-6 images-5 images-4 images-2 images images-1 images-3

Visit: Maritime Museum of Denmark, Ny kronborgvej 1, 3000 Helsingor, Denmark

I heard it through the grapevines……………..

Sonomo Mountains + Aidlin Darling = Stunning! This residence speaks for itself, I am lost for words, all I can say is pour yourself a glass of wine, sit back and enjoy this magnificent view.

Aidlin Darling Aidlin Darling Aidlin Darling Aidlin Darling Aidlin Darling Aidlin Darling Aidlin Darling Aidlin Darling Aidlin Darling Aidlin Darling Aidlin Darling Aidlin Darling Aidlin Darling


Design: Aidlin Darling

Photographer: John Sutton and Matthew Millman


Who not………….

Apartment living could be cool if this was the place: A loft in NYC’s Greenwich Village redone by RAAD Studio, a design practice situated in New York. They have done some pretty amazing things and I was blown away scrolling through. They work with the fine lines, raw material and nature, which you know by now I am a huge fan of! What´s not to love about it, check them out……..

Raad studio Raad studio Raad studio Raad studio Raad studio Raad studio


The boat house…………….

Boat houses were and still are used to store boats and fishing gear in Norway, but today they are more common for recreational summer use. This old boat house was in really bad shape and ready to get pulled down. The architect firm TYIN tegnestue designed this fantastic new boat house reusing a lot of the old material in different shapes and places. It is clean and simple and only the necessary things are here for a relaxing and recreational holiday, weekend or day of……………….Cool stuff!

541219_480037615361384_1181728803_n 557649_480037505361395_307982367_n 76651_480037465361399_1704172647_n 189193_480037385361407_1933824907_n 58814_480037735361372_989094846_n 550531_480037642028048_1572681942_n 554242_480037575361388_986543837_n 374085_480037345361411_1971389092_n 400256_480037542028058_619858792_n 576486_480037848694694_1909002597_n


I really love the work of the photographer  Pasi Aalto who has been posted here on my blog before. He captures the feeling and atmosphere so well in his work.


Kids only……………

Lately I have been working in the kids world and offcourse I want to share these nice images to help you get some cool inspiration for the kids room. Spring is just around the corner and this means release from all the design companies with their new spring/summer 2013 collections. I know it can be a jungle to sort out what to get, which look to go for, colors, wallpaper etc………So here is my moodboard for pre spring in the name of children….

First showing is from one of my favorite: Ferm Living

Ferm Living Ferm Living Ferm Living Ferm Living Ferm Living

Second I found these inspirational images from a cool blog: with Photo credits to: Photo credits: Riikka Kantinkoski

r_kantinkoski1 r_kantinkoski4 kantinkoski_huone5 weekdaycarnival_lastenhuone 3

These images are from the cool website: website 

They make these cool rustic toys that I am a huge fan of



usual usual usual Usual


More greenery for my friends……………

To help you warmer friends down south to get in the summer spirit I have found some more inspirational pics to help you get started, with a little help from Marcel Wolterinck.

tuin zeist 025_a tuin zeist 003_a tuin zeist 019_a amerongen 015_a amerongen 014_a amerongen 019_a tuin zeist 017_a amerongen 021_a amerongen 024_a

No excuse, get out there and start your green mind. Go visit Marcel Wolterinck page and see what wonders he and his team are up to, you will not be disappointed!




2013 is a fantastic number! I can feel the new energy, the batteries have been recharged, motivation is back on track and ready for kick off!!! Today I am preparing for a fantastic project that includes outdoor design and wanted to share these fab pictures with my readers who are so lucky that spring is on and summer is something just around the corner. I came around the fantastic three: Guard Tillman Pollock Achitects. The 3 started in 2002 and  specialize in the development of elegant, functional and modernist design. I love the outdoor meets indoor, the clean look of their mind set and they have inspired me many times………Hope to inspire you on your garden preparation in the minimalistic way

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These photos are a mix of their different projects check them out: