The land of Pohutukawa…….

So we meet again Patrick Reynolds, in the middle of Piha´s Pohutukawa. Correct, I am in New Zealand (again) on the black sand beach of Piha surrounded by the beauty of the Pohutukawa trees. AMAZING…………….how the architect firm Herbst Architects managed to build this weekend get-away home for a family without having to remove these beauties and making the home live with nature in a totally natural way. No wonder the architect firm won the Home of the year 2012! Congratulations and can´t wait to see some more work from you in the nearby future. I must say though, that having photographer Patrick Reynolds on your team you are one huge step ahead……..he brings the last piece to the puzzle and keep the projects glowing………

Architects: Herbst Architects

Photographs: Patrick Reynolds



Monday morning………

Even Garfield would get out of his own comfort zone to go to work if it was at this place!!! Well I know that I would forget which day of the week it was cause it would not matter. I love the spacious and clean feel of this office…..Yes it is an office and it was designed for a fabric importer who it’s situated in a 1960′s warehouse in Auckland. One of my absolutely favorite architect firms Fearon Hay Architects  have done it again! This place invites for creative minds to develop, for cool ideas to be formed and great business deals being made. I want to go to work right now, put the coffee on, get the sketches out, roll out some rolls of fabric and get into the world of design………………..coming?

Photography | Jackie Meiring