Metal to the pedal…….

Many of you know, but for those of you that don´t it all started with a bin in 1939. The danish company VIPP has done it well since then, today they design and produce many different products for your daily usage at your home. The latest additions to the family are KITCHENS….. and I am totally and utterly breathless! It is so cool in the design, the functionality, the material chosen and all the minor details are really being thought about, it is soooo much to my taste that I could actually consider having an affair and perhaps ditch my (brand) new kitchen at home……….sorry mr. white glossy stainless steel, but it is true!

The company also launched a ceramic collection with Annette Kissow that makes me wanna accept breakfast in bed….bread crumbs on the sheets, coffee stains on the dun a and cereal leftovers crushed around on the floor is totally fine by me from now on……..I will from now on have my sunday paper in bed along with my sunday brunch on one condition: It is served on VIPP like a V.I.P worthy……..come sunday come