Ikea has done it again! They just came out with a new collection “Svartan” which is a co-lab with the Swedish designer Martin Bergström. He is inspired by the indian culture, which is really colorful yet faded, and decided to make a collection only in black, white and grey colors. I love it and the fact that it is so cool and affordable for anyone is even better.



Designer: Martin Bergström


The white house…….

WOW WOW WOW……….need I say more?? This interior design firm is soooo cool and daring. Everything this design duo does is so clean, nice and thought through that you almost stop breathing while wondering around the apartments, projects and houses that they have done. Kelly Behun and Alex P. White form the company Kelly Behun Studio

They know what they are doing and are not afraid to take interior design to another level………I love it and hope you get the same feeling watching these WHITE images I have picked out for you from a mix of their different projects.

Kelly Behun Studio