The black box…….

This house is so mysterious on the outside that you just want to go in and discover this hidden treasure. I love the simplicity and coolness that this black box represents and it makes you wonder what greatness lives inside……but once inside you stay in the mysterious mood. It is so understated that you have to fall in love. The choice of material is all natural and has a wide range in the wood category which makes it totally and utterly natural and beautiful……….I am a big fan of the architects Estudio BaBO who in 2011 designed this creation in Neuquén Province, Argentina. It represents 3 units, a recreation of the typical row house where each unit has 2 floors. If I was ever to move into a row house this would be it don´t you think?

Architects: Estudio BaBO

Photographs: Courtesy of Estudio BaBO