My heart just missed a beat!!!

The other day I did it……I surrendered my gadget heart to surround, sound, beat and celebrate music to a whole new level! The coolest thing ever though is that it speaks directly to my design eye while playing my tunes to the absolute maximum pleasure. My new best friend is called Lounge from Libratone……..and I love love love it.

It was like x-mas eve opening the box, unwrapping the paper, freeing my friend from the fine cotton bag it was carefully put in (yes it felt like opening the fine bag of a new pair of Manola B.) placing it on the shelf…….and here comes the best part: I plugged one (yes one) wire into the wall, opened my itunes playlist on my  iphone, connected to the wifi, pressed play and music to my ears!…. even my 5 year old could have done that! My interior design nerd loves the fact that no one can see it is a stereo or speaker, I can place it where ever I want and control the sound, loudness and playlist from any room using my iPad, iphone or laptop soooooooo cool! Bye bye wires…………Hello Libratone.

Yesterday the company launched a new baby to the family called Zipp. It is battery driven and portable. PlayDirect™ allows for wireless playback anywhere – even without a WiFi network!!  This will have to be my next purchase, think about it………ultimate sound on the boat, the garden, the summer house yes anywhere you go no strings attached.

I am now the happy owner of a liberating sound system…….bye bye old stereo, ugly 2 speakers and annoying wires…..Sound of music just had a new meaning and dimention to it and totally affordable, see for yourself:-)



Never ending view…………..

WOW if I could have this as my retreat place, summerhouse, stuga or whatever…………I would be in heaven. This house is situated in Sweden and it is actually for sale!!! It only holds 96 sqm and costs 15.000.000,- SEK but it must be as close to heaven as possible…………….come dream with me

If you want to see more visit the real estate agent:



Nature is calling………

Just needed to show you 3 amazing houses done by the architects Fearon Hay situated in Auckland, New Zealand. The views are breathtaking and the designs are more than I can describe……………The architect duo work nationally and internationally and have won many awards over the past years………….absolutely worthwhile visiting their website!!


Photography | Patrick Reynolds

Interiors | Fearon Hay Architects with Penny Hay


If these walls could talk………..

Every house is entitled to have at least one feature wall. It makes the room interesting, the interior in front of the feature wall are able to tell a different story than the rest, your eyes will have focus on that wall (which is a good thing if you live in small areas/little space in a room) and do not want to have focus on the bed in the living room, or the clutter in your hallway. Wallpaper/covering can even help you make the room view larger/smaller, longer/shorter or higher/lower to the ceiling…………..but PLEASE do not go overboard, keep it simple and concentrate on one area at the time. You can always add to the room later….Be playfull and dare to do it cause it is a lot of fun and soooooo easy to do yourself. A little tip for the leftovers: make a collage of cuts and frame it, you can cover a cabinet, closet on the outside, stick it on shelves in your closet, make cute boxes out of old shoe boxes etc……………….set your imagination free!!!  Here are some ideas for what kind and where. Check out some of my favorite suppliers below, but wallpaper/covering is really a personal taste and there is sooooooo much to choose from


Osbourne&little, Cole&son, Rome, Elitis, Ferm, Pretigious textiles.

Today I feel like shopping………….

I always get a craving for shopping interior stuff when the seasons change and love to do it at home in my couch, or at least being able to check the market out before I go and visit the shops…………so I picked out some items (or a lot) from some of my favorite web shops and hereby present them to you……….but make sure you are comfortable and have what ever you need within reach…….The theme for this must be Northern light.

You can visit the shops below or just google the brand name to get a store near you anywhere in the world:,,,

hay, housedoctor, fredericia furniture, eilersen, gubi, muuto, tom dixon, light years, excel, by nord, day home, tine k home, missoni, louise roe, oisoioi, meridiani, oliver furniture, au maison, nordal

If you have questions just ask!


Concrete growing in the woods

This house is literally growing in the woods! It is amazing how this architect group has been able to “dump” this home into the woods looking as it was meant to be and has always been there along with its mates the trees. The concrete building looks as light as a feather in these surroundings and just invites you to enjoy your stay living the life back in nature………..If I should ever find myself “camping” (which I am not a big fan of and will never happen, well never say never….but) this would be the place for me to get back to nature………The architects have done a lot of houses in concrete which I find to be one of the most interesting material for almost anything!

Mar Azul, Buenos Aires Province, Argentina.

María Victoria Besonías, Luciano Kruk.

Architect Nuria Jover – Diorella Fortunati.


Chocolate Lover….this is for you.

Consider it a world’s first: Chocolate bars offered in 100 different flavours. Conceptualized by a serious chocolate lover, this new brand and concept boutique-cum-cafe draws focus to chocolates – both in taste and packaging. This does make me want to go and spend an awful lot of money and stomach ace………..This new concept is so different and welcoming. It speaks to my designer heart, my imagination and my sweet tooth like no other edible design………..Indulge yourself but save some for me!!

Visit their site : The Chocolate Research Facility

Completed at Asylum creative direction: Chris Lee / designer: Yong

♥♥♥ C

Got it!

This is my dream home!!! It is dark , mysterious, boxed, squared and so clean and straight but still has something so delicate and fine to it, I am in love. Funny though that this amazing dream house of mine is situated in Vic. Australia……is it a sign?  All I can say is that if any of you ever consider having an architect on your project (which I think is an experience that any human being is entitled to) you definitely have to check out Studio Four. They have done some incredible things worth having a peek at including the case below………….

I have to complement the photographer, her work with the light and camera on this is just so cool, so some love sent her way too……..

Achitect studiofour :

Photographer: Shannon Mcgrath


Mutant invasion vs pile of leather

The new improved chesterfield? This designer has a really interesting way of working with his design and these pieces are created by carefully composing patterns with cut-offs of foam spheres of various sizes, and applying them onto a structure. In the end the entire piece gets coated, with a durable rubber or tactile velvet-like finish…………..I think they are incredible and would love to climb in with a throw or have one sitting in my walk-in closet where I can have me time…………, mags, music and no one insight.

Designer: Maarten De Ceulaer

The leather desk is a collaboration with one of the most renowned leather artisans in Brussels, Ralph Baggaley. The two (designer Maarten De Ceulaer and Ralph Baggeley) really have an interesting view of design, functionality and looks. I really dig this desk and sooooo want one, it is totally and utterly the feel of luxury in any office space.

The duo also made a closet/cabinet which consists of different volumes, each specifically designed for one type of garments, which can easily be dismantled, separately transported or reconfigured if desired. I like the idea of this multi function and being able to  just grab my closet “to go”……….Dimensions, colors and choice of leathers can be customised to your demands.


How to sit, work, eat and sleep?

Do you wonder how to furnish all these fab houses without going bankrupt? Or even how to fill all that space with a red line through the home? Well me too but where there is a will is a way……..Today I will share this company with you, I love their couches and guess what it is actually affordable for normal income people like us……This company is a danish furniture chain who have their own design team developing a wide range of furniture and accessories for every room in your home. Quality and design are holding hands and they offer the all new Scandinavian Design. They have stores in Denmark, Sweden, Norway and Germany but can be ordered online………….Yipee!!!  See what you like then check out: