Sweets for my sweet………………


Helloooooo, I want to live in this lolly land! This boutique is amazingly well done and really speaks to my sweet tooth. When entering a wonderland like this I want to stay forever and just indulge in pastry and cakes. I love it and do not even care to think about weight issues here!

The boutique Cioccolato is a pastry boutique specialized in custom deserts for special events and is situated in Monterrey, Mexico. Just saying the word Cioccolato makes my mouth water. The design team behind this playful and mindblowing project is SAVVY Studio who is a multi-disciplinary studio dedicated to develop brand experiences that generate emotional links between clients and their audience. I believe they have indeed succeeded on this project……….Yummy

Savvy_Cioccolato_06 Savvy_Cioccolato_051 Savvy_Cioccolato_031 Savvy_Cioccolato_041 Savvy_Cioccolato_07 Savvy_Cioccolato_081 Savvy_Cioccolato_101 Savvy_Cioccolato_111 Savvy_Cioccolato_091

Source: SAVVY Studio

Photography: Courtesy of SAVVY Studio



Want to, need to, gotta goooo…………

Well I did it again, every time I try to put positive thoughts in my mind and force the belief that winter, snow, rain, cold and darkness is fantastic my little devil self sitting on my left shoulder makes me search for the sun! So here it is and I can´t help it, but this is soooooo much better and I truely and utterly have  to and need to go visit this place. Hammock here I come……………..

Photographer: Lambs and Lions

Wanna come? Book it here: Design Hotels

The guys behind it all: Thomas Heyne and Mario Hertel


Rustic stars………

Last weekend I started the first preparations for December deco……….This years theme for my x-mas is rustic. So the kids, a bunch of friends and their kids, my dog and I went to the woods going branch hunting (yes, not sticks but branches! ) It was a really cool and fun day, the kids had a lot of fun and we found heaps of good stuff for the rustic DIY weekend.   We ended up at my place drinking the famous hot gløgg, which is a warm red wine with raisins and almonds and the mandatory æbleskiver which tastes like pancakes but better. So here is a glimpse of our finds and projects…………..



If you are heading to Copenhagen, Denmark and do not know where to eat, I mean really have a nice dinner in fab surroundings you should check out Noma. The restaurant received its first Michelin star in 2005, the second one in 2007 and was latest placed on the World’s 50 Best-list. This unique place is located in a former warehouse on the waterfront and serves the finest nordic food. The interior firm Space Copenhagen was involved when the restaurant first opened and the duo Signe Bindslev Henriksen and Peter Bundgaard Rützou who are behind the interior design company was called in again when the restaurant needed a makeover lately. WOW is all I have to say about the food but indeed also when it comes to the interior………….The duo really know what they are doing and to the extend that you get blown away with this rustic and nordic touch they have interpreted into this over the top restaurant…………

ps. If you do feel like having your dinner here at Noma be aware that they are fully booked until January 2013!!!!! So planning, my friends, is a good thing here…….other than that Bon appetit


Metal to the pedal…….

Many of you know, but for those of you that don´t it all started with a bin in 1939. The danish company VIPP has done it well since then, today they design and produce many different products for your daily usage at your home. The latest additions to the family are KITCHENS….. and I am totally and utterly breathless! It is so cool in the design, the functionality, the material chosen and all the minor details are really being thought about, it is soooo much to my taste that I could actually consider having an affair and perhaps ditch my (brand) new kitchen at home……….sorry mr. white glossy stainless steel, but it is true!

The company also launched a ceramic collection with Annette Kissow that makes me wanna accept breakfast in bed….bread crumbs on the sheets, coffee stains on the dun a and cereal leftovers crushed around on the floor is totally fine by me from now on……..I will from now on have my sunday paper in bed along with my sunday brunch on one condition: It is served on VIPP like a V.I.P worthy……..come sunday come


Photographer: hviidphotography.dk


Chocolate Lover….this is for you.

Consider it a world’s first: Chocolate bars offered in 100 different flavours. Conceptualized by a serious chocolate lover, this new brand and concept boutique-cum-cafe draws focus to chocolates – both in taste and packaging. This does make me want to go and spend an awful lot of money and stomach ace………..This new concept is so different and welcoming. It speaks to my designer heart, my imagination and my sweet tooth like no other edible design………..Indulge yourself but save some for me!!

Visit their site : The Chocolate Research Facility

Completed at Asylum creative direction: Chris Lee / designer: Yong

♥♥♥ C