Love at first sight……..

This is the cutest thing EVER!!! I feel so relieved that this handmade “thing” yes it is not a doll nor an animal just the cutest cuttle thing called Pigmée is now in stores on the web. My credit card is hot cause I can´t decide and now see myself buying the whole family……..Pigmée is handmade in the finest cotton, it has no front nor back and leaves your child to its own imagination. Off course this fab little friend is french which only makes it even more “need to have” item for my kids. They have expanded their collection into doing lamps, curtains, bedlinen, cushions etc, but having to choose (only cause I have an emsi banker) I will start with the “thing”……………..can´t decide though on which size nor color…….which one do you prefer?

Photographer: baptiste heller