White christmas……….


Hopefully we will have a white Christmas here………..the snow is hitting us hard these days and chaos on the roads is a fact, but nevertheless it is fantastic, if we again, are so fortunate to celebrate the big day dressed all in white. The whiteness of this holiday just makes it more original. I found some white decor for the tree that I will decorate mine with this year. The first items are from a British-Japanese designer Reiki Kaneko who makes beautiful china. Her collections are often produced by combining 3D modeling programmes with centuries-old expertise from makers in Stoke-on-Trent, England. I love her work and you should check it out at her website if you are looking for newies, but I specifically fell hard for her Christmas decor that has a bit of humor, naivety and fun to it.

Another supplier that I personally like and often end up shopping stuff from is the Housedoctor company. They offer a wide range for your home including furniture, their prices are absolutely affordable and they follow the main trends and always up to date…………

Hübsch reikokaneko.co.uk reikokaneko.co.uk reikokaneko.co.uk reikokaneko.co.uk reikokaneko.co.uk -housedoctor -housedoctor -housedoctor housedoctor housedoctor housedoctor

Source: http://www.reikokaneko.co.uk

Source: http://www.housedoctor.dk



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