Dream home in Sweden…….

Offcourse this beautiful home is all over the blogs already….. I was not going to put it out here (for personal reasons) but since I see it everywhere I will give you the back story and the real credits for these fab photographs. This was a previous rectory of 420 sqm that was bought in 2006 by my dear friends. The place was in really and I mean really bad shape when they bought it, but they had a very clear vision of their future dream home. After a couple of months the house was standing RAW only the outer walls were left, with no windows, doors nor floors or ceilings. Now the fun part could begin, shaping and sculpturing the coolest house ever. Only the finest materials were to be used and every detail and function of the house was looked after. They designed a beautiful home for their family and off course the very talented danish photographer Heidi Lerkenfeldt was to take the interior photos to perpetuate this. The garden is filled with really old trees, apple, cherry and pear trees, the most fantastic magnolia trees, hazelnut and walnut trees and flowers only one can dream of. This is a garden that really is a treasure all year around.

Well I really love this house and today it is for sale with the real estate agent http://www.erikolsson.se………..so if you are house hunting this is it!!!!!



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