Bold, Bare, Beautiful………….

Well back in Copenhagen I want to share some really cool inspiration pics with you guys. Winter is slowly sneaking up on us in this part of the world……..The trees are letting go and changing into these fantastic naked sculptures, the ground is (while all wet and soaky right now) it will transform into this hard crispy surface, the garden (if now left alone and yes mine is) will soon look like some old horror movie but in a beautiful way…….”frozen” white spiderwebs tangled in the bushes, different kinds of toxic red and white berries attached to bare branches…………uh winter stay away! What does calm my mind is looking at these inspiring photos done by fab photographer Mikkel Rahr Mortensen and stylist Gitte Kjær who work together doing everyday interior things looking “I need to have” and “Must go shopping”…………….Hope to inspire you with these to get started on a small redo at home or the office. It always feels soooo good this time of the year to do a makeover and get ready for the indoor life………..

Want to see more of their work Yellows Photography



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