Have a seat…..

Sooooo much to choose from and to take into consideration when buying new chairs, stools, puffs etc. Unless you need it for decoration you have to test it, is it the right hight, comfortable to sit in for a long time, hot or cold, hard or soft etc. Often we spend quite a bit of money on chairs cause we often have to have more than one, so please make sure it not only looks cool but is comfy as well. When that´s said you can spice up your old stools yourself………Give them new cushions for a different look, are they to hard to sit on have tailormade cushions or make them yourself, love your old chair but toooo embarrassing to have in your living room….well give a throw of some cool fabric, new pillows or have it reupholstered, are your dining table chairs to high, cut of some of the leg length or if possible replace with new cooler legs if you like the shell of the chair……..imagination imagination. I have selected some different items for your inspiration………Enjoy!



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