If these walls could talk………..

Every house is entitled to have at least one feature wall. It makes the room interesting, the interior in front of the feature wall are able to tell a different story than the rest, your eyes will have focus on that wall (which is a good thing if you live in small areas/little space in a room) and do not want to have focus on the bed in the living room, or the clutter in your hallway. Wallpaper/covering can even help you make the room view larger/smaller, longer/shorter or higher/lower to the ceiling…………..but PLEASE do not go overboard, keep it simple and concentrate on one area at the time. You can always add to the room later….Be playfull and dare to do it cause it is a lot of fun and soooooo easy to do yourself. A little tip for the leftovers: make a collage of cuts and frame it, you can cover a cabinet, closet on the outside, stick it on shelves in your closet, make cute boxes out of old shoe boxes etc……………….set your imagination free!!!  Here are some ideas for what kind and where. Check out some of my favorite suppliers below, but wallpaper/covering is really a personal taste and there is sooooooo much to choose from


Osbourne&little, Cole&son, Rome, Elitis, Ferm, Pretigious textiles.


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