Mutant invasion vs pile of leather

The new improved chesterfield? This designer has a really interesting way of working with his design and these pieces are created by carefully composing patterns with cut-offs of foam spheres of various sizes, and applying them onto a structure. In the end the entire piece gets coated, with a durable rubber or tactile velvet-like finish…………..I think they are incredible and would love to climb in with a throw or have one sitting in my walk-in closet where I can have me time…………, mags, music and no one insight.

Designer: Maarten De Ceulaer

The leather desk is a collaboration with one of the most renowned leather artisans in Brussels, Ralph Baggaley. The two (designer Maarten De Ceulaer and Ralph Baggeley) really have an interesting view of design, functionality and looks. I really dig this desk and sooooo want one, it is totally and utterly the feel of luxury in any office space.

The duo also made a closet/cabinet which consists of different volumes, each specifically designed for one type of garments, which can easily be dismantled, separately transported or reconfigured if desired. I like the idea of this multi function and being able to  just grab my closet “to go”……….Dimensions, colors and choice of leathers can be customised to your demands.


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