Going back to my hood!

Yes I lived in Australia vic for 3 years, to be more precise Ballarat. I often went to Melbourne because I could not get enough of the different cultures, the architecture, the kind people (well all aussies are raised to be nice, kind, talkative, friendly, happy, easy going etc). The streets of Melbourne ooze of modern, contemporary high rises meet Victorian ancient time where the trams actually still are going strong! So cool…….They have the streets or should I say alleys where you feel in London, New York, Paris, Athens, Milan and I could go on and on. Just go there and check it out yourself it is Fantastic and NO you will not want to go home believe me.

Anyway this amazing architect couple has crossed my world a couple of times so I just want to share one of their many fantastic projects with you……..This one is the Manning road house in Melbourne which is a double story family home.

Architect group: Noxon Giffen (Architect Justin Noxon and Darren Giffen)

Photographer: Peter Clarke



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