Field trip in Skåne Sweden

Today I went for a field trip to one of my absolute favorite boutiques in Skåne:

Vindåkra gård. It´s situated just next to the main highway but once you enter the land of vindåkra gård it´s so peaceful, calm and nourishing to my soul that I totally forget that I´m in the middle of heavy traffic!

They have just had a reopening on the 24th of August with a tiny change but so nice and absolutely for the better. OKEY OKEY what is it then…….. It´s a beautiful old house that has been transformed into an interior design shop with it´s own little café where they serve nice coffee, croissant, macaroons (ofcourse made by the star from the restaurant Ambience) or you can have an easy lunch with the old fashioned raspberry soda (which brought me back to my teenage years, sweet memories) The shop offers you the douche colors of interior living for your home and has a very well selected pallet of brands. They even offer a small but very cool selection of clothes for women.  It is a must see!  You will forget about time and place cause it don´t matter.  Vind åkra gård even offers a  beautiful restaurant if you would like to stay for dinner or even take your sunday brunch to the next level.  : Ambience á vindåkra: French delicacy.

Where: Vindåkravägen 3, 218 75 Tygelsjö, Sweden.     Check for opening hours and happenings.



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